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Welcome to Sakkam. We are a software development and IT operations company based in Tokyo. Our focus is on database driven business applications that run in the cloud. When we formed in 2003 we ran our own dedicated servers out of a datacenter in Tokyo. We have since migrated all of our services to cloud providers in locations throughout the world and assist other companies in their transition to the cloud.

If you would like to discuss our services or any aspect of the Japanese market, please feel free to contact us.



We work with a wide variety of programming languages, databases and cloud providers. A typical deployment, though, includes the following.


Javascript and JQuery are a given, of course. We use AJAX calls to communicate with the backend through a well defined RESTful API.


We are huge fans of Clojure and have used it in production since version 1.2. Development in Clojure is fast and intuitive. In production we have found Clojure running on a Linux stack to be rock solid and straightforward to manage.


Of the major commercial and open source relational databases, our first choice is Postgresql. We think SQL is exactly the right level of abstraction and hence there's nary an ORM library in sight.


In the early days of Amazon's EC2, we migrated from our own servers in a datacenter to Amazon infrastructure and have been hooked ever since. The Amazon release cycle has not disappointed and we find ourselves able to migrate more and more components to their AWS equivalents.


Adopting a DevOps approach goes hand in hand with cloud infrastructure. Practices such as defining infrastructure as code and deploying immutable servers allow us to offer new levels of service as well as bringing development and operations closer together.

i18n & L10n

Being Tokyo based we deal with internationlization and localization on a daily basis. We 'bake in' internationalization from the get-go and localize to Japanese as a matter of course.


Here's a sample of our engagements.


Machine Translation

CLIENT: Japanese systems integrator
PROJECT: Development of a system to translate market moving economic indicator reports from English into Japanese with 100% accuracy. (View white paper)
Visit CLIENT WEBSITE ebook meets print original

Publishing CMS

CLIENT: UK ebook publisher
PROJECT: Development and operation of a content management system (CMS) to support a publishing workflow from ebook production through to royalty reporting. (Visit client website)
switch in rack

Outsourced Operations

CLIENT: Japanese financial services company
PROJECT: Provision of day-to-day hardware, system software and database support for a trading information platform used by retail investors.
View PINKBLOCK whitepaper.

Image Processing

CLIENT: Japanese mobile content producer
PROJECT: Development of a system to filter out pornographic images from user file uploads based only on the content of the image file itself. (View white paper)

Software Localization

CLIENT: Provider of compliance training
PROJECT: Provision of technical support, translation and cultural guidance in the localization to Japanese of a suite of compliance training software. (View article)

Business Simulation

CLIENT: Japanese management consultant
PROJECT: Development and operation of a web-based business simulation service used to evaluate and train senior management.


Sakkam's operations closed in June 2016